First Impressions Count

The Spanish property market in 2024 is a seller’s market, with more demand than supply especially in large cities (Madrid, Barcelona) and tourist areas (Balearic Islands, Alicante, Málaga, etc.). This represents a significant opportunity for investors, real estate agents, and individuals thinking of selling their property. To make the most of this opportunity, here are some tips that can help you achieve a price above the market value, and in the shortest possible time.

Where to advertise my house for sale?

Most buyers look at around 38 properties before committing to buy, 28 of them online and 10 in person. So, the most important step in achieving a sale is getting the buyer through the door. It all starts with the initial search, and the most popular means of house hunting nowadays are:

  • 65% real estate portals
  • 30.9% Google
  • 29.9% developers’ websites
  • 14.7% social media
  • 8.4% direct sales points

(“The Buyer’s Journey in Spain” – conducted by Sigma2 on behalf of the developer Culmina)

Spain’s leading real estate portal, Fotocasa, has 1.5 million properties for sale at any given time. With all this competition, if you want to achieve a quick sale under the best conditions, your property needs to stand out from the crowd and appear in the most relevant searches. Although your goal might be to achieve a price above the average, keep in mind that potential buyers search within set price ranges. It’s better to set the initial price slightly below your target to ensure the maximum number of clients see the advert. For example – if you want to achieve a final price of €310,000, it might be more advantageous to advertise the property at €299,000 so that those searching with a budget cap of €300,000 will also see the advert. When they visit (and hopefully fall in love with) the house, they are likely to be willing to spend a bit more than their original budget to secure their dream home, especially if there are multiple interested parties.

How to get more house showings that lead to sale?

Let’s assume you’ve managed to get your listing in front of as many potential buyers as possible. This won’t be enough if those buyers don’t click on the link and contact the seller to arrange a viewing. To achieve more showings, professional-quality photos are essential. Even if the property for sale is well-located and recently renovated, it is unlikely to generate much interest with dark, narrow-angled photos. If the property doesn’t look good online, how do you expect people to take the time to visit? Interior photography is an art form in itself. A good photographer can make the most of the light in each room, inviting the viewer to virutally step into each space and start imagining living there.

Make the first impression count

You’ve followed these steps and you now have interested clients who have arranged their viewing – your property has passed the first test! Now comes the moment of truth. As we mentioned in our last article, once they step through the door, the average buyer takes just 27 minutes to decide to buy a house. And some studies claim that people are even more impulsive, making one of the most important decisions of their lives in just 8 minutes! Either way, it’s clear that first impressions count, more than you might think. The house must be clean, free of bad smells, and without personal photos or keepsakes. Minimalism is your ally when selling, but it’s not a matter of completely emptying the house! In fact, empty properties don’t make a good impression either as they often appear smaller than furnished spaces. Surprisingly, 75% of people are unable to visualise the potential of the rooms in a home. To make it easy for your buyers, it is best to hire the services of a professional home stager, specialised in maximising the potential of on the market properties. A home stager creates vignettes of an ideal life, using visual and emotional marketing techniques to make potential buyers feel like they are in their ideal forever home. The results speak for themselves with 52% of staged properties selling above asking price by up to 25%.

With prices on the rise and no indication that this upward trend will change anytime soon, it’s a great time to sell your house in Spain, as there’s a good chance of getting good terms. But buyers’ expectations have also risen – we can no longer simply display some photos taken on a mobile phone in a local estate agent window and expect great results. The good news is that you don’t need to make significant investments to achieve the results you want. The cost of home staging services (including professional photos) is usually no more than 0.86% of the sale price – much lower than the price reduction the estate agent will suggest if your house doesn’t sell within the expected timeframe. Right now, real estate marketing is the key to a fast sale and those who know how to take advantage are guaranteed success.